The Why of It All

In September, I had the opportunity to accompany Dreams Take Flight as a volunteer on their 2013 Flight Day.  I was able to see first hand the wonder of a truly life-changing event for 120 children. A first airplane trip for most, and a long day of excitement in a place most of them could not have dreamed of going.

At the same time, it offers these children the inspiration to reach beyond their real and perceived limitations.

Dream Mountains has provided an opportunity to combine an enormous personal challenge with support for this wonderful organization.

Along with climbers representing Dreams Take Flight and other charities, I will spend the winter and spring training and preparing for my own once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I invite you to join me by supporting this very worthwhile charity through the donation link on this page.  All donations go straight to the charity, not to the cost of the trip itself.

Rob Scaife