In Closing

By | May 4, 2014

This amazing adventure has been more than I ever imagined.  I’m healthier and fitter than I have been in years, and I have the immense satisfaction of an achievement like no other.

I won’t say that I’ve conquered the mountain, because that’s not what it was about.  I did, however, redefine my own limitations.

I’ve made a terrific group of good friends and gained a family in the Kilimanjaro Dream Team who are without exception like brothers and sisters to me after all we’ve been through together.

And I’m eternally grateful to Judy for supporting me throughout this mission, to Shawn, Kristi and the Kilimanjaro Dream Team, and to the many friends and family who supported my charity:


Mark D. • Donna D. • Brian C. • Ted & Marilyn F. • Scott E. • Dan B.

Stephen C. • Dan D. • Chris & Ian W. • Gillian S. • Sylvie S. • Jan S.

Tim R. • Fiona M • Fi M. • Marissa Z. • Tom & Liz J. • Sue F. • Ken R.

Marilyn M. • Mark L. • Graham C. • Peter van R. • Michael L. • Kathy J.

Angelica B. • Jeff & Diana K • Karin D. • Liz G. • Laura D. • Fred & Ariane C.

Caren S. • Cathy S. • Greg & Cindy L. • Barbara S. • Ruth C. • Kathy J. 

Cristian L. • Rose M. • Doreen M. • John van N. • Katharine T. • Nik C. 

Pat C. • Hugh P. • Mark L. • Kathy J. • Rachael P. • Andy & Juli B.

Rod G. • Michael B. • John & Anne S./L. • Susan J. • Stephanie M.

Craig H. • Bob F. • Jill S. • Susan D.

Rotary Club of South Nepean Rotary Club of Nepean-Kanata

and 5 anonymous donors